Grip Guard Non-Slip

Working hard to keep the world on its feet

GripGuard is an Australian company that has been providing non-slip floor safety services in Australia and Asia for over ten years. Our head office is located in Melbourne and we have over 60 operators throughout the world who are working hard to "keep Australian's on their feet".

GripGuard has a non-slip solution for every slippery floor surface. Our floor safety operators are trained to:

  • Assess floor safety needs to ensure compliance with OH&S and Australia Standards using an ASM slip meter
  • Implement the most advanced anti-slip products and services available in the world
  • Provide on-going advice and maintenance through the Grip Guard Maintenance program
  • Provide cost-effective non-slip solutions combined with helpful, friendly and efficient service

We believe our outstanding success can be attributed:

  • our commitment to excellence
  • a community-minded business approach
  • having the most technologically advanced anti-slip products and services in the world
  • having the largest, most well-trained and most experienced network of operators

GripGuard is fortunate to be in a sector of the health and safety industry that enables us to have such a significant impact on the lives of Australians. 85% of all slip and fall injuries are preventable and GripGuard is working hard to "keep Australians on their feet".

With our network of expertly trained floor safety operators, GripGuard offers a wealth of experience and provides advice and services to all clients, helping them to ensure that all legal requirements relating to floor safety, such as OH & S and Australian Standards, are met.

GripGuard is proud to provide their non-slip services in all sectors of the Australian community including:

  • Industrial applications - Alcoa, BHP Biliton
  • Government Applications - Department of Veteran Affairs, Schools, Hospitals
  • Commercial Applications - Cadbury Schweppes, Toyota, MYOB, Red Rooster
  • Residential Applications - Aged Care Facilities, Private Residences, DVA

GripGuard is proud to be in the position to make a difference to the quality of life of thousands of Australian every day.

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